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Chian Mau Co., Ltd.
Alloy Parts Manufacturer
Mold Design & Development

tel 886-4-8819528
fax 886-4-8826229
e-mail contact@chianmau.com
address No. 128, Sec1, Yuanlu Rd., Puyan Township,
Changhua County 516, Taiwan R.O.C.
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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Chian Mau Co. Ltd. is a custom Aluminum and Magnesium parts manufacturer. We are most known for our production of motorcycle and bicycle accessories. Also, we have in recent years demonstrated our ability to manufacture vehicle components and other specially designed parts. With access to an array of different machines and experienced employees, we can forge almost any shape magnesium or aluminum part.

In such a competitive market, Chian Mau thrives with business growth every year. We owe this continued success to our dedication. We strive for perfection in our production skills, in the quality of our products, in our business, and in meeting our customersˇ¦ satisfaction. With these high professional standards, competitive prices, and cooperative staff, it is easy to understand why our customers continue to trust us for repeated business. Some of our current clients include Protek, TH Industries, Tektro, SRAM, CHUHN-E, PMG, J.P. Corporation, and G3.

Our job is to satisfy customers and exceed their expectations with high quality products and provide a high level of service.