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Chian Mau Co., Ltd.
Alloy Parts Manufacturer
Mold Design & Development

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Every part is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. Through years of experience we have refined our process of working with customers to reach their goals. Since every part is different, we work with you to tailor a process that is right for you. In general, the different stages of design & manufacturing processes can be summarized as follows:

    1. Communication - We will schedule an introduction meeting to communicate with customers, so we can understand your particular project to meet your needs.

    2. Design and Drawings - You then send us your parts design for the project in a CAD file format. We will have our staff review the proposed design and review with you the required details for production.

    3. Business Contract - We send out a bid order and come to an agreement with you. This will be beneficial for both of us to develop and define the expected scope of work (SOW) and to set up the master timeline for the production schedule.

    4. Forging Mold Design - At this point in the process we work out the details on our end of how to create the mold, taking into consideration details such as the required machine pressure, quality and quantity, and the properties of the material.

    5. Forging Mold Build - This is the longest part of the process since the material for creating the mold is very difficult to manipulate and the quality of the mold must be completely accurate.

    6. Mold Try Out - We first try out the mold and has mold experts make necessary refinements. Then, we will run a sample test to ensure all part dimensions are within design tolerance. Then, our mold experts examine and make necessary refinements to the mold.

    7. Quality Verification - After running off the machines, a sample presentation will be needed for customers for quality verification.

    8. Mass Production - Once the products meet the quality requirements, we will launch the mass production as needed.

These are all the basic stages required for production. Our staff members are highly flexible and cooperative. We are confident that we can reach your goals.