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Chian Mau Co., Ltd.
Alloy Parts Manufacturer
Mold Design & Development

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fax 886-4-8826229
e-mail contact@chianmau.com
address No. 128, Sec1, Yuanlu Rd., Puyan Township,
Changhua County 516, Taiwan R.O.C.
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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

We provide a variety of services. We primarily employ a Heated Alloy Forging process with the capacity to stamp with a pressure ranging from 400-2500 tons. This allows us to potentially create a metal part of just about any shape.

Our production machinery includes:

2500 Ton PressSANES SHF 1000 Ton Press
WETORI IST 500 Oil PressJING DUANN TP600 Ton Press CHIN FONG KP400 Ton PressCHIN FONG OCP 80N Stamping Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine

We have a range of specialized equipment used for quality inspection. Precision cutting allows us to make an incision without deforming the material. After mounting, grinding, and polishing, we can then examine the material under a high-powered microscope for defects that may have appeared during the production process. We also use a Rockwell hardness tester to determine a material's strength.

Our quality control equipment includes:

Metallographic Precise Cutting MachineMetallographic Mounting Press Machine
Metallographic Grinding & Polishing MachineOlympus BX51 Microscope
Rockwell Type Hardness TesterElectrical Conductivity MeterCoordinate Measuring MachineSpectrometer
3D ScannerTensile Strength Testing Machine

We also can provide a number of other services to shape and refine the metal to produce a completed product. Cold Metal Stamping is used to form and reshape copper and iron. We also use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines with a robotic system to selectively remove portions of metal. With the CNC machines, we are capable of manufacturing the most complicated shapes of molds.

Other customizable services are also available such as custom surface printing, laser inscription, smoothing, coloring, texturizing, etc. to meet our customerˇ¦s satisfaction.